1. Your Email Address

2. Assess Your Readiness
I have a copy of my current job description and have reviewed it. 
I keep a performance log and update it frequently. 
I provide my supervisor with regular task and assignment updates. 
I meet with my supervisor formally at least once during each performance appraisal period. 
I know my manager and I share a common understanding of my key tasks, priorities and the purpose of my job. 
Before a performance appraisal, I complete a summary of accomplishments with specific examples.  
Before a performance appraisal, I review my job description and previous evaluations. 
I ask questions when I don’t understand or a task is unclear. 
I seek out informal feedback throughout the appraisal period. 
I know what I need from my supervisor to do a better job. 
I can articulate what I need to do to raise a specific performance rating. 
I follow up on areas of concern that come up during feedback sessions and appraisal discussions. 
I follow up on my development plan and seek out learning opportunities.